2020年に発足した日本の新しいナショナルポエトリースラム「KOTOBA Slam Japan」



2020 saw the passing of the national poetry slam torch to KOTOBA Slam Japan,

and now KOTOBA is kicking off a new internationally-oriented, online open mic event!





We welcome performances in all languages.

It can be poetry, a song you sing and rock some music to, or whatever language-based performance you like. The events will be hosted in both Japanese and in English. 





Each month, well host readings on Zoom the 1st and 3rd Saturday at 21:00 Japan Standard Time, with each even also being simultaneously streamed on YouTubeLive.

Also, every 2nd and 4th Thurseday from 21:00 Japan Standard Time, well host an event on the app Clubhouse. 


↑↑↑⚠️2021年9月〜11月の期間はKOTOBA Slam Japan 2021の開催会期中につき




During the period from September to November 2021, the national poetry slam “KOTOBA Slam Japan 2021” will be held, so we will  be holding TKOO Zoom sessions only once a month from 9pm Japan time(UTC +9). Thank you for your understanding.


Please note that we will not be holding this event at the Clubhouse for a while.




Performance time will be 4 minutes per person on Zoom and 3 minutes per person on Clubhouse. 


次回は、日本時間 2021年12月11日(土)21時~ Zoom で開催します。



The next event will be held on Zoom, December.11 at 21:00 Japan time(UTC +9).

Entry starts at 9pm Japan time(UTC +9) on December 4th, exactly one week before the event.


Please fill out and submit the form from the entry button at the bottom of the page.










日本にはほとんど 存在していませんでした。

Recently, the surge in the number of open mic events held in cities all around the world has also brought more opportunities to meet amazing performers from many countries.

Sometimes in Japan, the language barrier keeps us from hosting and participating in more internationally diverse open mics like those often hosted elsewhere around the world. 

Conversely, that same language barrier has made it hard for those from outside with a keen interest in the in the verbal performance scene in Japan to participate in local events.

At present, though Zoom has become the standard platform for open mics, theres still very few events of that type that held in Japan. 



Creating a Flagship open mic for Tokyo, and for Japan as globally connected 



司会進行チームに迎え、 日本在住のアメリカ人で大学で比較言語学を教える翻訳家、

KOTOBA Slam Japan 運営代表の一人、Jordan A.Y Smith のサポートのもと


It may not be the pinnacle of linguistic perfection, but our team of Japanese performance poets who are all trying their damnedest to study English in earnest, and with support by Jordan A. Y. Smith, an American professor of comparative literature and translation resident in Japan and co-founder of KOTOBA Slam Japan, were all going to give hosting these events our most valiant efforts.



日本には素晴らしい表現者がたくさんいます。 彼らのパフォーマンスを世界中のたくさんの人に観て、

聴いて頂き、 私たち日本人も、世界中の皆さんの素晴らしいパフォーマンスに触れる機会を得て、その交流が生まれたらとても嬉しいです。

Were eager to welcome both poets from around Japan and from all over the world. Japan has some incredibly talented language performers.

We hope our friends around the world will enjoy the chance to hear them do their thing just as were thrilled about getting the chance to experience your performances and get to know you.




Please feel free to perform in any language you feel comfortable in. If youre studying Japanese and you want to test your linguistic chops on the mic – be our guest! Whether its for study or practice, the mic is truly open and yours for free experimentation. 




エントリーの流れ  How to Enter

〈 Zoomの場合 〉 On Zoom




Click the link below and enter the requested information.

Youll receive an email with the list of participants.

The first 15 entries received will be able to participate.




When an entry bracket fills up, well inform you here. 


YouTubeチャンネル「KOTOBA Slam Japan」より リアルタイムで生配信されますので、


If youd like to tune in and enjoy without participating as a performer, youre free to join us on our YouTube channel KOTOBA Slam Japan,” streaming live. 



〈 Clubhouseの場合 〉On Clubhouse



エントリー希望と司会者へお伝えください。 こちらもエントリー定員は15名です。

At the time the event starts, click on the link below to enter the room directly:

After youre in, click the button to raise your hand and let the MC/host know that you want to participate. The number of people chosen to participate will be capped at 15.


そのほか何かご質問がございましたら こちらまでお気軽にご連絡ください。

If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up with an old school email at !



Looking forward to receiving entries from all over this planet!